Weight / length converter for wire spools

This conversion tool allows you to know the length of the filament in relation to a given mass, and vice versa.

Select the material from the drop-down list.

If the density does not match your material, you can change it if necessary.

Material :

Diameter :

density (g/cm3)

Enter a length of yarn in cm or a mass in grams. The data is calculated automatically.
length (m) : weight (g) :

How much filament is left on the spool?

You need 12 meters for your next print, your spool has started and you don't know if you will have enough filament?
Select the material and the diameter. Weigh your spool and the program will show you the number of meters left.
You can customise the density of the material and the mass of your spool alone.

Material :

Diameter :

Density (g/cm3) :

Mass of the empty spool alone (g) :

Spool with wire (g):

Lenght (m):